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Re: What do Star Trek fans think of Stargate?

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Haven't read the entire thread, but here's my opinion:

I thought SG-1 was OK. I appreciated it for being set "now", and trying to deal with how we would interact with incredibly advanced technology. But, if it wanted to be realistic, then it needed to be realistic. Humans kidnapped as slave labor thousands of years ago - OK. Those same humans speaking modern English, not OK. Speaking something akin to their original language? - OK. Speaking the language of their masters - that'd be the ticket.

There were no "universal translators" to get around the language barrier in SG-1, so they added a character to deal with it, but then dropped that convention anyway. I disliked it for that reason alone. I won't mention the other problems I had with the show, since I'm not into bashing it. It was enjoyable, but I had hoped it would be a little more on the hard sci-fi side. Perhaps that was a bit unrealistic of me, but I did find it disappointing in that regard. Oh well.
This was something they addressed (I think it was in one of the DVD special features) and what it came down to is that they would have loved to have more language diversity in the show, but they only had 40min to work with and couldn't really spend time every single episode having Daniel trying to translate everything the other guys are saying.
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