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My point mostly was that they're not really getting the kind of medical supplies on mass, that they'd need to recover from the routine damage they're suffering, & even then I said I'm fairly well willing to let it slide
From time to time, its hard to let that pass. For example, when T-Dog was injured, if Daryl did not have Merle's bag of meds, he would have died. On that note, in a world where there are no more doctors, ERs, etc., one would think hunting for a variety of meds would be as much a priority as food, considering the great chance for injury.
I never understood why there are shelves and shelves full of various drugs, supplies and such, for example when Shane and Otis have their little grocery list, let me grab one of this and one of that...what if the one you risked your life to get breaks or falls out of your bag or whatever?

I realize the whole building can't be carried off but in situations like with Glenn and Maggie, why the multi trips to get one or two things?

Grab a duffle bag and carry as much as you can take, that way if you need it it might just be there at the house instead of taking unnecessary road trips.
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