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Re: Feminist Frequency's Tropes vs. Women

Color me shocked that male teenagers see girls/women as sex objects!

And that games companies intentionally support this by having female characters with overtly sexual aspects!!

Seriously.. this is nothing new, it will remain like that until we have achieved true Star Trek type human enlightenment (which is never) and see women as equals and not something to jerk off to.

I applaud her for putting in so much work and maybe she will reach a teenager or two and the occasional adult videogamer and get them to think but the vast majority will see her as that "dyke bitch who gets upset over nothing.. needs to get laid more often probably!!"

Some of those gamers will wisen up for themselves as they get older and will realize that girls are not just a set of boobs, legs and what's between them. It's a natural maturation process but unfortunately it will not happen for everybody so there will always be adults who are still mysogynistic and see women as objects to satisfy their desires.
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