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Re: The new SimCity...*sigh*

Yeah well.. that's rather an issue with your ISP if he's giving such unreliable service.

Mine here in Germany is topnotch when it comes to reliability.. i can count on one hand the times when the internet was down in something like 10 years i've been with them (starting with 56k modems to DSL and then Broadband).

However a realiable ISP is unimportant when the company itself has technical problems (as it's always the case with game releases.. it seems companies never learn or they simply don't care and weather the storm until it passes). You could have the internet connection from God and it wouldn't do much good if the other side can't listen and respond.

This together with game design options means i'll most likely not buy it.. maybe in a few months if they decided to increase city sizes significantly and the servers run stable but definitely not now.
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