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Re: The Life And Scandalous Times Of John Nathan-Turner

Doesn't sound significantly worse than the way Gene Roddenberry behaved. He cast actresses on the show for no other reason than that he wanted to sleep with them (notably the yeoman in the second pilot who was featured in publicity photos as if she were a major cast member but whose entire speaking part consisted of only four syllables), and had multiple affairs going on at once. And he had his share of objectionable behavior on the production side of things as well, like taking credit for other people's work. The only real difference is that Roddenberry's sexual preferences weren't as stigmatized or outside the mainstream at the time.

I hadn't known JN-T was gay. Interesting that both the last producer of the original series and the first producer of the new one were gay. It makes me wonder if other producers were. There is arguably something "queer," to use that term in the sense embraced by the gay community, about the Doctor -- a flamboyant outsider with an unconventional lifestyle, associating mostly with young women but showing no romantic interest in them. (Though it might be belaboring the point to attempt an analogy between the TARDIS and a closet.) The entertainment industry has historically attracted a lot of GLBT talent, and it stands to reason that a lot of them might've found Doctor Who particularly appealing. But since that sort of thing wasn't openly discussed back then, there may be a lot of that aspect of DW history that remains hidden.
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