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Re: DW Series 7 Returns!!...with "The Bells of St John"

I want to see a Zygon milk Nessy.

How big are Nessy's udders?

How many Zygons can milk Nessy simultaneously?

What sort of social groups milks Nessy together?

Family, only siblings, fiends, lovers, are the young and the old divided?

Do they clean Nessy between milkings?

Are there lactationallly transmitted diseases you can catch from sharing Nessy's dirty udders?

The Zygon "physical nature" seems to be nothing but a million suckers, how many of those million suckers suckle? Does that mean that Nessy has billions of nipples to satisfy hundreds of group sucklicants?

I can't believe they made up this shit for 5 year olds.
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