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Re: The original plan for Countdown

Oh, this is getting ridiculous. Trashing Abrams & co. for the decisions they did make is one thing, but trashing them for a preliminary idea they ultimately didn't use is just petty. Creations do not spring into being fully formed. It takes trial and error to work out the best approach, and lots of your favorite works of fiction probably had early drafts that would've disturbed or horrified you if they'd been made in that form. But they weren't. Because the creators thought about their ideas or talked them over with other people and had the flaws in the ideas pointed out to them. And there's nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you're too close to your ideas, you get caught up in following a creative thread, and you need someone else to look at it from the outside and show you that you've gone off track.

So it's just ridiculous to see this as evidence that the filmmakers have some kind of hate for the franchise or the fans. No. That's just paranoid. It's just the storytellers doing what storytellers do -- trying out possibilities, seeing where they lead and whether they work, and if they don't work, moving on to something else. This is just how creativity happens, and that's just as true of the works you love the most as it is of the ones you dislike. People have to be allowed to have bad ideas without being damned for it, because that's part of the process of trial and error that ultimately leads to good ideas. It's not wrong that they had this idea, because it was just an idea. The final decision is all that matters, and they decided not to go that route.
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