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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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But the style and professionalism of his work was inspiring and set a lot of fans on a path of emulating him and building on what he did. A lot of 3D modelling in Trek today can trace its roots right back to FJ's Booklet of General Plans and Star Fleet Technical Manual.

It wasn't FJ's accuracy or authenticity that was inspirational. It was the style and professionalism applied to a subject matter often dismissed as not worth the effort.
From an entertainment industry / ancillary market standpoint, FJ's work was revolutionary (like many TOS market releases). Today, sci-fi schematics are commonplace, with many thinking Star Wars was the production to make that a popular piece of merchandising, but FJ's work on TOS tech broke ground on so many levels, it is little wonder the Technical Manual and fold out blueprints were runaway bestsellers in the mid 1970s.

At the time, I too realized FJ's Phaser, Tricorder, Enterprise pylons and other details were not screen accurate, but it was such a massive look into the world only hinted at in The Making of Star Trek (1701 & Klingon illustrations), that accuracy took a back seat to the joy of seeing an expanded TOS Starfleet.

I still rate it as one of the most important, must-have books for TOS fans and historians.
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