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Re: The new SimCity...*sigh*

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Always on DRM means my money stays in my wallet, i really cant see why i should pay them 40 for the possibility of playing my game, if my internet is up, and if their side of things are working.

Far too much hassle for a game to be honest, and all the while the supposed reason for this always on DRM, affects only the honest people, while the pirates happily play away at a hacked versions enjoying it without all the hassle.
If this were truly always-on DRM, that would be true. But it's not - this is a multiplayer-only game, like World of WarCraft, which is a whole different ball of wax. The pirates can't just hack away a DRM check; they'd need to (re)develop the server software that EA is running in order to play.
Oh the pirates are smart buggers, i doubt it will be long before this game is playing offline with some lan hack to connect directly to your friends pc and join their game.

Still my ISP is simply to unreliable to gamble 40 on a game that requires me to be constantly connected to play, i have a LTS for Star Trek online and even after 3 years its up and down all over the place, always seems to be down when i have spare time to fire it up, plus add to that the amount of times my ISP goes wonky and its been easy to steer clear of games with this type of DRM.

Possibly in the future when optic fibre is the norm and we all download 100 gig games in 3 mins this type of DRM will work because nobody gets issues, but by the time the UK internet gets to that stage i will have no doubt been disconnected from my life ISP for good.

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