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Re: Abrams wanted to blow up more than Romulus

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Anyway... the story about the new universe creative team having wanted to lay waste to the old one, just doesn't sit right with me. Not because it wouldn't have been dramatic. More because it seems a bit unnecessarily spiteful, in a situation where they've creatively decided not to continue with Star Trek set in that original universe. Pretty cowardly and irresponsible. Do some further damage, safe in the knowledge it's not their problem anymore. Or even of any importance to whatever stories they want to tell. Why do it? Every time there's a new spin-off, a different iteration of Star Trek... it's first act isn't to put the boot into what came before, or indeed is still going on while it is. Quite the opposite is what I expect to see in fact.
It does kind of fit LeVar Burton's accusations of Abrams being egocentric and immature.
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