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The only thing I find I'm not enjoying is the lack of hand-to-hand combat. Maybe it's just because of the other types of games I usually play, but whenever an enemy gets close to me, I instinctually hit the Square button to punch them...only in this game, it doesn't do anything! If an enemy is that close, I feel I should at least be able to whack them with my bow or the butt of my gun. Instead, they usually end up stabbing me in the neck.
One of the upgrades you can get is to be able to whack them with your ice axe.
At teir III, you become a melee super-hero. Press shift to avoid them, stab them with your arrow and then press F. They die in mear moments. Plus there is stealth kills.

MY big problem right now is there is no one left to kill. Once the game is completed and your running around completing things, there is no threat left.
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