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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

Sleeping Dogs

I <3 this episode.

It has plenty of Reed and Hoshi who are my fave characters so far. Hoshi has a couple moments of nervousness but is otherwise back to being her confident self and Reed gets to blow stuff up. That he gets to do so despite the potential for them getting blown up as well, is required to do so in order to save the day, and is ordered to do so by two very assertive women in skin tight outfits. I get the impression that all this probably makes him very happy.

I particularly like how the expedition to the unidentified alien vessel consists of just Hoshi, Reed and T’pol, who all fulfil necessary functions and each contribute in their own way to the mission. No dead weight or red shirts in this landing party which is quite refreshing and its funny how as soon as Hoshi identifies the writing on the wall as Klingon everyone draws their weapons.

I also love how the Klingons in this episode seem familiar yet also quite alien, a hard thing to pull off after all the exposure to Klingon culture provided by previous Trek series. But this episode manages it magnificently mainly by having all the Klingons incapacitated and unconscious for the majority of the episode. We see more of the ship with its strange writing that only Hoshi can decipher, dimly lit smoke filled corridors, bodies slumped over consoles, bizarre food preferences, than we do of the Klingons themselves, and we see it all through the eyes of Hoshi, Reed and T’pol as they stumble about trying to make sense of the situation.

The only Klingon who does play a significant role is female and, I get the impression, more of an engineer or something than a warrior. When we do finally get a swaggering aggressive male onscreen he is obviously still weak and recovering from the effects of the poisonous ale and his attempts to engage the Enterprise in battle make him seem foolish rather than fearsome. Instead of fighting we get lotsa verbal sparring. All an interesting departure from the norm.

I love this episode and give it a full five stars.

Shadows of P’jem

I like this episode a lot. It has that thing where events that happened in a previous episode effect have lasting repercussions that effect what happens in later episodes also known as continuity. It also has the reappearance of Shran yaaay!

It does seem a bit suspect that they were able to fool the Vulcan captain so easily at the end. Surely hes gonna feel foolish when he discovers that T’Pol wasn’t as seriously injured as he was led to believe which could come back to bite them later on. Also that heart to heart discussion between Archer and T’Pol about how the Vulcans ‘took something away from my father that meant a lot to him. They’re not going to do the same thing to me’ would have had more serious impact if he hadn’t been wriggling his hands round her a$$ only to almost suffocate a moment later when his face got buried in her boobs. Seriously they could have coordinated that scene better its like they couldn’t decide whether to make it serious or slapstick and went for both?

Otherwise I liked this episode. I particularly liked how they didn’t stick around to try to solve the planets problem for them but moved on and left them to their war. Shran was awesome and it seems from that line ‘it should be you dying not her’ that he has a better opinion of T'pol than most Vulcans. Then again he might just be saying that cause, like the Vulcan captain, he thinks she’s dying. Up til then he seemed to have been purposely ignoring her presence.

Anyhow four stars.
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