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Re: The original plan for Countdown

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None of the 'old stuff' exists in any practical sense, nobody is going to be making a TV series or movie - when I say 'it still exists', I am referring to the only meaningful state in which old Trek exists - on box sets and reruns.
Which just makes it worse still. Because being supervised by the new management, it would've played into the plot of the film, and could even be considered canon to a degree. That's not really looking out for the best interests of the old stuff.

They're not about to destroy the Earth or kill any of the main cast in this film's universe, so why fire off a devastating parting shot which achieves that in the original? Frustration at Paramount not allowing full creative freedom with their own project perhaps? I never thought I'd happy with any decisions under Leslie Moonves' CBS control (especially since that jerk landed us in the situation we're in) but since this has effectively protected the possibility of someday continuing in the original universe (however unlikely that may seem right now).
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