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Re: Spoilers: Is This [Spoiler]'s Original Enterprise?

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The shape is wrong for it to be a pre-timeline change Connie. It looks like the Alt-Enterprise, just look at the shape of the nacelles. So, I'm banking on the alternative explanation: Kirk is doing his orbital skydive thing to get back into the ship from another vessel (shuttecraft?). Or else it's simply another Alt-Constitution Class ship. I mean, it isn't like the USS Enterprise was the only one we ever saw in TOS, the Starfleet consisted mostly of them.
Except in Countdown to Darkness they show a previous Enterprise that looks kind of like the JJprise
I wouldn't put any stock in IDW's depictions of ships in their comics. Their track record is awful - in recent issues of Star Trek Ongoing, they've used the TMP version of the Enterprise to represent the 2009 version of the ship, in one panel of another issue they even used a smooshed TNG Enterprise with "NCC-1701-D" written across the saucer, they often use TNG bridge graphics on ships of all eras (in Spock: Reflections, the sight of the TOS Enterprise bridge where every console surface was solidly covered in Voyager-style bridge graphics was more than a little bizzare) ... so long as it's from Star Trek, it's good enough for them. They likely just reused the 2009 movie Enterprise (drawn with nacelles further apart exactly as they drew it in their adaptation of the 2009 movie) to represent a vaguely similar looking ship.
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