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Re: Am I part Irish or not?

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just as long as you're not one of those americans whose ancestors were actually english, but insist they're part irish or scottish due to embarassment
Are you sure you didn't just make this up?

Anyway, out of curiosity, why do you care if you have distant Irish relatives? I mean that as a genuine question, not as sarcasm -- I just never really understood what drives people to do the whole genealogy thing. I mean, on the grand scale of evolution it's pretty cool: If you do the math, going back about 5,000-15,000 years every single one of us alive shares a common ancestor, back through the apes and the shrew-like mammals and the reptiles and the fishes to the first living organism that emerged from the muck. I mean, that's just really fucking cool! But knowing that there must've been some Irish or Scots somewhen amongst my forebears doesn't really do anything for me other than to account for my ginger rug.

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