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ENTER: In a Miror Darkly/Phlox/Sweat AV Contest

last time on Enterprise...

Alienesse wrote: View Post
And the results are in!

Congratulations to our winners!

Praetor Shinzon wins first prize in the episode contest with his haunting image of a distressed T'Pol, while the second place is shared by jespah, Shanndee and myself.

In our series theme contest, Shanndee has made the winning avatar choice with Captain Archer in the shower (best thing about "Unexpected", if you ask me).

JiNX-01 and od0_ital are close behind with our handsome Chief Engineer enjoying Vulcan massage and another shower scene with the lovely Hoshi.

In the random theme contest, I am honored to share first prize with JiNX-01. Thank you for the votes!

The second place goes to Shanndee and her inspired avatar of Jeffrey Combs in Reanimator.

so our episode for this contest is In a Mirror, Darkly Part 1.

our theme will be Dr. Phlox.

and our random theme will be sweat.

usual contest rules apply. good luck!




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