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Re: Swing-Wing concept

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Interesting concept. Have you thought about taking it a step further and having the nacelles fold all the way back so that they are flush with each other?
How would that affect the warp field?

For that matter, what was the in-universe explanation for Voyager's moveable nacelles?
I was just assuming that when they are folded back they are not engaged, kind of like when Voyager's nacelles were not swung up.

I think the explanation of voyager's swinging nacelles had something to do with lining up with different power conduits, but I am far from certain of that.
It was never adequately explained. After all, if the nacelles have to be up for warp travel, why not just leave them up the whole time? What benefit do you get from having them down? The only way it would work is if they swung progressively higher as you increased speed, but this was never shown on screen.
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