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Re: A parade of spaceships...

What you see here are x-ray views of the interior I'm cobbling together. I'm trying to adapt the elements I liked best from what I saw onscreen and, of course, filling in the blanks so-to-speak where I have no information or reference. I also have to say that some of this is my guesswork because some of what we saw onscreen made no sense whatsoever in being so inconsistent with the ship's exterior shape. The large overhead viewports are usually shown much smaller onscreen than they really are in relation to the ship's exterior. Sometimes they weren't included at all.

I still haven't worked out any exact scale yet, but the archway openings of the interior are meant to be about 6ft. and maybe a bit more. The interior is inspired mostly by the first version seen in the first serial. The interior had distinctive framework down the centre of the ship and it seemed to suggest compartments along the ship's length as well as allowing room for mechanicals between the bulkheads and the outer hull.
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