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I need your thoughts on the dark side of technology

One of the core themes in Star Trek, especially TNG, is technology freeing the entire spectrum of humanity into a life of limitless freedom, creativity, and discovery. There is also the implied message that technological progress will lead to this utopian inevitability. (with the odd episode about a rogue society that abandons technology in favor of agrarian life)

Yet it is my belief that technology in the last decade has taken a dark turn. I want to know if fellow Trek Fans share this belief.

In particular, it seems that technology is harnessed to increase individual wealth at the expense of the masses for those who have the resources and ability to create and control technology. Whether deliberately and systematically introducing automation to reduce costs and displace workers, or building multilevel digital marketing campaigns that mislead consumers, or creating a risky computational model of financial markets that collapses and leaves investors in ruins.

So, are we moving towards Roddenberry's tech vision of the future, or away?*


P.s. Yes, I know what a Luddite is. Saying that new technology won't displace workers because in all of history technology has never displaced workers, is like saying man-made global warming is impossible because it has never happened before.
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