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Hi there

I was looking for help from people that are good with manipulating images. I have a few pictures of images for a product that we are going to sell on Amazon. For the main image on Amazon it needs to be a plain white background,, so I need to use a cutting tool, included on most photo editing programs, so that I can remove it and paste it on a new image (plain white FFFFF), however, the images are sort of complex. It's a mold testing kit, and there are things that are difficult to cut with my amateur skills. Is there someone that's good at cutting images or can recommend me with the best (free) photo software that I can make a cut out.

I think it's ridiculous that Amazon would be so particular about teh images to have us remove it from a plain background to a pure white background.
Shoot it with a white back ground.

Now, the background won't be a perfect white, it will be some shade of grey.

So you go and download GIMP, open your image up in that and then open up the Levels box. Drag the white slider inwards a little. This will make the brighter parts even brighter. If the background is the brightest part of the image, it will blow out to a pure white. You can then use the midtones slider to make your overall exposure look better.

Easy way to do it, no need to make any selections at all.
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