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Re: "C" Not a fanfilm, but a low-budget film with a different approach

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very nice looking. though why does the ship jettison its engines before zipping away? makes no sense to me.
I think it was so that none of the crew could take the ship back to Earth. They were on a one way course to a new world. At the speed they were travelling, they may no longer have needed the engine to complete the journey.
Frankly, the story is pretty illogical. What interesting is that the preview film <link> and the Kickstarter promo film <link> seem to promise more than the finished product, which focuses on the action and not the reason's why. The film is called C but the whole subject of the speed of light is pretty much ignored.

I was more interested in the production values and techniques than the short, which I find 100% meh.
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