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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

That does sort of make the most sense - I always did think - for many many years that it was another ship - maybe one that was just refit ala the original 1701 and was waiting for a crew - but after Kirk did his thing they figured - y'know we ARE kind of down an Enterprise. So during the Trial they had someone head out and rename it Enterprise 1701-A -

Although, and I may be in the minority, they always intended to replace the Enterprise that Kirk had stolen and blown up with this one - which was one of the reasons why the original 1701 was meant to go back to be de-commissioned - because this bird was going to replace it as the 'standard bearer' since maybe it was cheaper to maintain the Yorktown-1701-A than keep bandaging and repairing the original 1701. When it came time for the 1701-A to be decommissioned, it was probably because the Excelsior was doing decently enough and the Enterprise-B was slated to be it's successor.
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