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Re: Marvel animation-- Avengers Assemble and Hulk: Agents of Smash

A part of me is a bit hopeful and yet still worried about how 'decent' these two shows will be. One thing I liked about EMH was that while it was a kid's show, it was still pretty engaging. But I do sort of hope that the animation style, while maybe not exactly like USM is similar - less stylized. I do recall people complaining about how overly stylized they felt EMH was too before it first came on. The massively broad shouldered Thor and people whined to end how much they weren't crazy about Wasp.

So let's not throw this out just yet. Could be better than we realize. Or it could suck balls for the first half season and then it picks up and hits it stride and we go 'wow this is pretty damn good' AND people start stacking it in the same breath as EMH.

As for just Black Widow - like I said waaay back in October - they did bring in other female characters pretty quickly, by the end of the 1st season you already had Black Widow cameo'ing a few times, Mockingbird I think had a cameo. Carol Danvers was set up. So I don't feel too worried that eventually they'll add in another one. My personal hope is that Carol Danvers comes back in as Captain Marvel and not Ms. Marvel - she's Captain Marvel in the comics, makes sense that she should be that in the show.

And why are people complaining about the Falcon so much? Is it because he's never really had much focus - other than those handful of episodes in the last season of EMH and just think of him as a 'lame hawkman clone'. May Captain America fans love the character of the Falcon. Heck Cap's book was actually titled Captain America and the Falcon for quite a while too.

Only thing that's still bugging me is that Iron Man is still "leader" of the Avengers when it really should be Captain America. I know Iron Man is their most popular character but still... although then again, even in the comics they rotated who actually "lead" the team. For a while it was the Wasp even! Black Widow had leadership a couple of times. I wouldn't even mind seeing Thor take a stab at it.

As long as this new series adapts some comics stories - I'll be happy. Heck I'd love to see a version of Fear Itself - which could lend itself pretty well to a pre-Thor 2 storyline - since it's very Asgardian but also brings in a lot of characters - Would make a killer season ender and season opener. Plus it's a fairly recent storyline too so people who go "wow that was an awesome story" can still go back and find TPBs of it fairly easy.
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