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Re: TOS Alphabetical Starship Classifications

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Don't forget that we do see what a "Class J" classification looks like. See Mudd's ship cargo ship from "Mudd's Women".

An "old Class J Cadet Vessel Starship" = "small Class J cargo ship".
Now, you are kidding? Throughout TOS it had been established that starships are the most sophisticated vessels and the most rare and wanted command opportunities
That's a bit broad, IMHO. The only thing we know is that starships like Kirk's Enterprise were rare and wanted command opportunities. Other starships, like an old Class J starship could be found as a cadet vessel...
MENDEZ: Inspection tour of a cadet vessel. Old Class J starship. One of the baffle plates ruptured.
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Just because there obviously is a similar alphabetical classification system for cargo ships and shuttlecraft (and planets one should add) doesn't mean, that just because there happens to be a Class J starship and a Class J cargo ship they are one and the same.
If it makes it easier to swallow, think of it as a Class J training vessel

Although one could argue that Class J doesn't indicate size since Spock indicates Mudd's ship as a "small Class J cargo ship". He probably wouldn't need to point that out unless it wasn't part of the description.
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