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Re: Would a 6 million dollar man (Bionic Man-type) reboot work now?)

davejames wrote: View Post
As long as they remembered to make it cool and fun, which Bionic Woman was not.

And they need to bring back the slow-motion bionic effect as well. It's what made the original shows so memorable and iconic; without it, you're pretty much just watching a generic superhero show.
CorporalCaptain wrote: View Post
the G-man, that's a good idea.

Steve's whole body needs to be bionic, (just to clarify, in case it hasn't already been made clear enough) because an un-augmented human frame could not adequately provide leverage to utilize the strength of the bionic limbs. He'd be breaking his own back all the time. That was painfully obvious during the original series.
I remember my father making this comment every single episode back in the seventies.

This is addressed in Kevin Smith's comic book remake, which (as was mentioned back when this thread was started) would make a great basis for a new series.
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