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Re: Doctor Who: The Figure Thread

My enthusiasm for collecting has dropped a lot over the last few years. The new series figures being in 3.5" means I'll never pick up any of those.

With the classics, which continue in the 5" scale... the three packs are rarely, if ever, appealing to me. With each one released there's only one figure, maybe two, that I'm intersted in and the third is a definite "no thanks" which means I wind up not buying the set at all since the ones I don't want are the ones no one else really wants either which means selling it off on eBay isn't really an option. The Claws of the Axos is a perfect example. I'd like the Brig, Jo is 50-50 and the Axon is a big "no".

And since they're keeping the classics in the 5" scale, with smaller production runs, largely for the collectors I really wish they'd ditch the bicep and thigh articulation points. And I've come to hate those elbow and knee pegs. Other lines can cover them up. I really wish CO would have.
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