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Re: "Upside Down" sci fi romance film (May 2011) with Jim Strugess

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I've had this movie on my hard drive for at least a month.

March 15 you say?

Half way through, I'm enjoying it, but I figured it all out about 2 seconds after seeing Kirsten.

It's obvious.

Like that old Twilight Zone about the silent film star who can't stand her overwhelming irrelevance.

(Or Sunset Boulevard.)

But Kirsten was in private crying about how old and unloved she was.

Really giving it to her pillow.

The slight wee blonde thing tried to clear her brain and calculate when exactly was the last time she felt like god at the top of her field who no asshole would contend against?

Gears crunching.

Obviously it was when Toby was kissing her upside down in the first Spider-Man movie.

Every moment of her celebrity since that exact moment had been a little less shinier.

She had to turn back time.

Kirsten wishes that only if there was someway that she could devise a movie where it was nothing but some guy kissing her upside down all the time.

If only that was possible?

But that would be ridiculous.

This is going in my "best of Guy Gardener" file.
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