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Re: Kenney Pens Trek Experience Book

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He didn't literally mean 'right' as in legal or moral right---he meant logically it makes no sense. it's just a cash grab due to the fact he was a tangential part of something that happened 46 years ago.

It's like someone who hung around the set for 3 epiusodes 45 years ago deciding to right an autobiography as if anybody cares about him. Nonsense, they are just hoping for a minor tidbit of info he might have to offer.

The guy could just have blogged or tweeted a little info and it would have been better.

Well, I read the book and it was fine. I doubt that Kenny is planning on raking in a ton of cash for this; I'm sure that is not what he expects with this book. I personally appreciate him sharing the little that he can share regarding my favorite show. Also, it was somewhat interesting to read about his life. I mean come-on, the guy was both Captain Pike and the Winston cigarette man (his counterpart was Tom Selleck the Salem cigarette guy). Anyway, a quick easy read and now every time I watch "The Menagerie" I will be looking for the denim scare on his face, lol.
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