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Re: All About the Communicator

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Agreed, awesome website, exhaustively researched and compiled. Fascinating to finally know the fabrication steps of the communicator from back in the day. It goes to show how clever and resourceful Wah Chang was.

Thanks for the link...I have lots of reading left to do. Like a good book, I can't "put it down".

I didn't know if HeroComm might be old news around here, but I thought I'd post it and see. I'm glad you guys are enjoying it.

The hig-res photos alone would have sent me into orbit back in the days when THE MAKING OF STAR TREK and Franz Joseph were all we had. Wondering what the props were really like, physically, and what might have happened to them, was as mysterious as wondering about the Titanic before they found the wreck in 1985. Now we know.
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