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Re: TNG Caption This! 307: I'm not Evil, I'm Parallel

Crusher: ""Remain perfectly still. This will only hurt a bit. Until it hurts a lot."

Worf: "Wow. A Gameboy Color. Really keepin' up with the times, huh, Data?"

Riker: "Does something seem different to you?"

Worf: "I think Wesley did something different with his hair."

Riker: "Yeah, that must be it. Ah well, back to work. Set a course for Earth. Death to the Federation."

Riker: "Does that mean you're from a... parallel parallel universe?"

Picard: "You tit. You only ever need to use one parallel."

Worf: "Oh, this? Ms. Qo'nos 2370."

Riker: "Forget I asked."
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