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Re: Did You Love Other Vintage Sci-Fi Shows?

How do TOS fans rate the other vintage sci-fi shows? I seemed to like everything I got my hands on:
LOST IN SPACE-The first season had some good episodes, but the rest was too childish to really recommend it.

I don't hate LIS because competed it with Trek, I hated it because it wasn't very good.

VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, LAND OF THE GIANTS, TIME TUNNEL: Giants is a very grounded SF show, it almost feels like it could have happened. It also had pretty good FX for the time. Voyage had a few good episodes early on but suffered very quickly after that. Time Tunnel isn't really grounded by any kind of reality and very quickly becomes unbelievable. If there ever was a Temporal Investigations unit in the future, these guys would have been flagged faster than warp drive.

Classic GALACTICA and BUCK ROGERS: I like Galactica, I just wish it had better stories to tell. If it had 3-4 years to develop it might have gotten better. I understand they were seeking out established scifi writers for season 2, but it never came to pass. Blood and Chrome comes to mind as a GOOD example of how Galactica should've been, not like most of nuBSG or the 1979 version. Buck Rogers: Pure age 9-10 nostalgia is the only reason I can bear it at all, it's not a good show. Season 2 somehow made space feel less mysterious...every planet was an analogy to some ancient human history.

MAN FROM ATLANTIS:I remember it put me to sleep even back in the 70s.

LOGAN'S RUN: The only really good script was Harlan Ellison's, which is a must watch.

OUTER LIMTS: To this day one of the purest science fiction shows ever. It's becoming more out of date in some ways, but its atmospheric, smart, and cool at the same time. Probably too dry for some modern fans though.

TWILIGHT ZONE: Excellent series, not much I can say that hasn't been said.

SPACE 1999: A couple of good episodes but this is an example of a show that tried to be like ST circa 1960s and wound up feeling lifeless.

UFO: Some coolness here, but seems pretty dated today. Some nice scifi equipment. The aliens were kind of uninteresting, they were scarier when we didn't see them. I could mention the obvious that any alien advanced enough to make it to Earth could have wiped the floor with those rockets..

THE INVADERS: A good show!! Wish it would have lasted longer. X-Files before it's time. Hopeless cause though, probably a downer that kept it from being popular.

BLAKE'S 7: YES! Cheap but rescued by it's characters. A Star Wars clone with a twist of Star Trek thrown in too. Possibly the best scifi show of the 70s along with Dr Who...

DR WHO: A mixed bag but very ambitious show...this show had no business having episodes with huge empires, giant robots, hyper advanced civilizations, dinosaurs but dammit they did it anyway. Some of the actors in the 70s raised this above the actual material at times, Tom Baker, Jon Pertwee in particular.
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