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Re: Did You Love Other Vintage Sci-Fi Shows?

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Still, Season 2 has maybe one good episode and the rest is...not.
That's a diplomatic way of putting it. I loved the "haunted castle in space" atmosphere of the first season of SPACE: 1999. Science didn't matter. This was about mood.

Then the producers did a BUCK ROGERS and tried to make the second season more adventuresome and "Trek-like." (Pink jackets? Really?) The "action first, forget questions later" convention can be summed up in the segment for Martin Landau in the opening titles: He whips around in his chair, leaps up and fires from the hip before even taking a bead on what it was he was firing at. ("Oh, sorry about that, Carter. You had something to report?") I've read that season two was "punched up" for American audiences, which I find insulting.

I'd pare season two down to less than an episode. Despite having seen the DVDs just recently, the one outstanding thing I remember is Maya (in a delirium) trying to fly an Eagle inside the hangar bay.
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