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Re: The new SimCity...*sigh*

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The reviews I've read said that (connection issues aside) it's a solid game. Yeah, the cities are a little small...but it's still fun during those fleeting periods of playability.
Ignoring the server issues (which I really shouldn't be doing given how much the game depends on them), the game's mechanics appear to be solid. However, I've read in more than one place that the AI is dumb as hell. In addition to what TheGodBen pointed out above, I've read that the traffic AI makes no sense and traffic is hopelessly snarled despite your best efforts. Sounds like they need to work on more than just getting their servers up and running.

Unlike everyone who complains about always-on online and DRM and buys the damn game anyway, I'm sticking to my guns and spending my time with Lara Croft after finding out my old ass PC can still run the Tomb Raider at 40fps in 720p on high graphic settings.
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