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Re: The original plan for Countdown

This shouldn't bother me. Especially since somebody, somewhere *thank god* happened to be looking out for the old stomping grounds. But what I guess I find disturbing in some respects, is how much of an insight it gives me, into how the minds of the current custodians of Trek work. I mean here you are, in charge of creating a brand new chapter of the franchise... Best fucking job in the universe. What exactly does burning all the old stuff add? Wow. It's a very young punk attitude to take. A middle finger to the previous generation. Mentioning Archer within the context of a joke about losing his dog in a transporter accident was frankly bad enough.

Anyway, like I said. Shouldn't bother me. If it had happened in a comic book, I could just have ignored it. Not like it's on TV or in film and constantly being watched somewhere around the world, by millions, at anytime or the day or night. A few thousand will have read it. Of those, less than a hundred will have even cared one way or the other.

As it turned out, I rather liked Countdown and looking at how well it works storyboarded as panels, still think it would've made a fine animated movie and a way of giving TNG a modest screen send-off. While at the same time, acting as a set-up for the new movie universe and fleshing out Nero's backstory. Destroying the Earth, killing your heroes and wrecking some fundimental parts of the Prime universe just seems like rubbing salt into a still open wound.
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