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Re: The new SimCity...*sigh*

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The reviews I've read said that (connection issues aside) it's a solid game. Yeah, the cities are a little small...but it's still fun during those fleeting periods of playability.
Initial reviews were glowing, more recent reviews have been mixed, as has the fan reaction. Other than the server issues and small cities, the simulation is apparently a bit wonky. The decision to simulate each citizen as an agent sounds great on paper, but the AI controlling the sims is pretty stupid. There are inexplicable traffic problems because the sims can't path-find properly. Sims will complain about the lack of nearby stores even if they live right next to a commercial district. If you have 5 concurrent fires and 10 fire trucks (as might happen after a meteor strike), all 10 fire trucks will travel to a single blaze instead of spreading out, allowing the fire to spread.

Also, things like this happen:

The craziest thing is that sims don't have set homes or jobs. When they go to work in the morning, they travel to the nearest job for their skill level, and if that's full then they'll travel to the next nearest, then the next nearest. When they go home at night, they travel to the nearest free residential building instead of travelling to the home they came from. That may sound like a comical communist utopia, but I read that it caused a nuclear meltdown for one player. Nuclear plants need college-educated workers to operate safely, but when a number of high-skilled jobs opened closer to the workers than the nuke plant it caused all the worker to get new jobs, and the nuke plant was forced to hire low-skilled workers instead, leading to an accident.

Some of these issues may be patched out in time, but it seems that SimCity is yet another game that has been pushed out the door before it's ready. At least it has led to some comedy.

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Now that a few days have passed, have the server troubles settled down?

And has cheetah speed been reactivated yet?
From what I've read, the server issues have eased a bit over the last day or so, but there are still problems. Cheetah speed is still disabled, as are many of the region features.
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