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Re: TNG Caption This! 307: I'm not Evil, I'm Parallel

BEVERLY: What happened Worf, did Troi beat you up again?
WORF: Shut up.

WORF: I can't believe Alyssa Ogawa is a Doctor. In literally every other reality I've ever seen, she's a nurse. I mean, what are the odds that a person like her could conceivably...
OGAWA: I'M RIGHT HERE! And I have feelings!
WORF: My dimension is the only one of conseuqence.

Here we see the alternate reality where Gene Roddenberry's health never declined and he remained the show's primary creative force through all seven seasons.

This is a clip from the episode where Riker died and Wesley became Captain.

PICARD: If I died in the Borg attack, where is Commander Shelby?
RIKER: She transferred right after our divorce. It's complicated.

WORF: Sup dude. Diggin ur ex. Mind if I hit that?
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