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90% of those are just silly or don't matter in the sligtest . Seriously, he had afrying pan sohe must have had food? Do people throw out the frying pan when they need groceries?
Most of them can also be easily explained.
And yet you.... don't.

In fact, you people keep coming up with excuses so you don't have to deal with the problems in this episode.

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"Rick and Michonne essentially murdered the Hitchhiker.
Maggie shot the girl because she was armed, and to Maggie, she was another Woodbury threat. You--the audience member may see her as a "teenage girl," but she was one of the gaurds--or placed herself in that situation. Notice how Maggie and Rick did not shoot unarmed people.
Hayley was NOT armed, and she was NOT a Guard. Hayley was unarmed and standing among the long line of people in the crowd in the background. Hayley did NOT place herself in that situation to get shot. She was one of the first people shot, if not the first shot after the Walker, not even having time to realize what was going on, let alone your delusion that she was actually attacking or fighting or threatening?!

Some of you are so obsessed with defending the (I admit) few problems with this show that you're basically now trying to justify murder.

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I stopped reading after the first paragraph. Clearly you are not watching the whole show.
I watched the episode twice back-to-back, with the Talking Dead in between.

You however admit you didn't even read the post.


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Additionally, searching abandoned homes is dangerous. Recall what happened when Andrea & Shane scouted a neighborhood.
I recall Shane had to stop the car because Andrea was giving him a handjob.

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