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Re: Google shows what its like to use Google Glass

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It's not like the promo video they released a while back, which was much more immersive and offered a lot more features.

The (for example) skydiving video seems much more realistic in terms of capabilities, though. Some of it does seem nonsensical, like having a hangout while on a plane--how's that connection supposed to work? Elements like that make it a bit more fantastical than real.

I agree that most of the features shown already exist in nearly identical form on Android phones, so it's not like those are outlandish.
First generation technology will always be improved upon incrementally. The fact that it will do what it already can is pretty amazing considering 10 years ago we had iffy internet connections, rudimentary messaging, no apps, and so on.
A lot of people still have very iffy mobile connections, you know. Or highly capped ones.
Well relatively speaking, switching from analog to the CDMA, TDMA networks to early 3g, improved 3g, then 4g and wifi has totally transformed the landscape of mobile communiation, don't think that can be argued. In terms of data not just voice, it wasn't until 2005-6--a mere speck of time ago--that most people had any sort of speed on their network..and then the devices used to access them were primitive by comparison, often monochrome or low res. In 2006 I barely could use yahoo IM on my flip phone.

As far as capping goes, I believe there was a study where the results showed the huge majority of people did not come close to their data cap (I'll try and dig it up). Also, Sprint has a true unlimited plan. Since I've switched carriers from Sprint, despite the fact that I've streamed baseball games on my phone at the gym, I've never hit my data cap...mainly because another little radio miracle: wifi .

There are still two main issues with cell phones..the wifi gap...we really should be doing better with free wifi all over the USA. As always the other is battery life...still there are improvements with this all the time too. I even used an extended battery on my last phone with more than double the power and life.

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