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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for ale. The Romulans make it so well that it was illegal.
B is for Big Boobs. Uhura's, Troi's and 7 of 9's.
C is for Cranky. Leonard McCoy was this way in both realities and timelines.
D is for double-pocket doors that go "Swoosh!"
E is for Exeter, the final command of Captain Ron Tracey before he was taken into custody and punished for gross violations of Starfleet orders and regulations.
F is for Faran Tahir.
G is for Gorn Hegemony, the official name of the government that ruled over the Gorn species and their interstellar territory.
H is for Harry Kim. Voyager's Gilligan.
I is for Isis. Another example of why black cats are cool.
J is for Jerry-rigging. One of Scotty's specialties.
K is for Klingon floral art.
L is for Lantree, USS. What a pitiful way for a starship to die.
M is for Medusan travel containers. Don't look inside one, whatever you do.
N is for Nanoprobes, the basic building blocks of all Borg technology.
O is for Organia, a planet where very little was really what it appeared to be.
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