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Re: Who would you want to play the captain in Trek series 6

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Chris Pine is an example of what a SF captain should not be. Pine is the worst Trek Captain ever.

It's thanks to Abrams and to casting like Pine and Quinto that Star Trek has any future at all for people to speculate uselessly about in this forum.

If you're speaking immediate future (which I assume you are), then certainly an argument can be made for Abrams, because it was his pitch that brought Trek back to the big screen. As for Pine and Quinto's casting being a reason? Nah. Can't see your thought process there. Pine is pretty horrible, arguably the worst of the new cast and undeniably the worst Trek captain ever.
Actually Pine's performance is uncanny...he mimics many of Shatner's mannerisms for Kirk without it devolving into parody, which it very easily could have. Critically Pine's performance is one of the keys often mentioned to ST09's success.

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