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Re: C Space-Based Scifi Short Using No CGI Or Green Screen

Enjoyable little short; to me, the 80s bits are actually more entertaining than the sci-fi aspect. They got the costuming/hair of the Sagan-esque 80s presenter down perfectly, and his slightly stilted/academic presenting style was also just right for the era. The electronic music was for it spot on too.

The sci-fi story was fine, though I'd have preferred it if Kai (or maybe the captain) had pointed out that an armed mutiny pitting crew vs crew was hardly conducive to creating a united/peaceful new colony and that you can't really escape the fundamental conflicts inherent in how mankind conducts itself. But the effects - which I suppose is the point of the entire film exercise - were very nicely done and at no point did I feel they were a compromise. Very well executed.

Thanks for the link!
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