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Re: Hugo Chavez has died

The notion that alleviating poverty is an offense to democracy just shows how rotten the concept of democracy has become. The free market failed the people of Venezuela long before Chavez. But even if you wanted to consider Venezuela as an oil state, any honest effort to do so would contrast Venezuela to such wonderlands as Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Qatar, Bahrein, Brunei. Chavez was as a god among men compared to the scum (but beloved allies of the US each and every one) who rule those countries.

Hating a man for his virtues is pretty close to turning yourself into a cartoon villain. Who but Snidely Whiplash could whip himself into a froth over food subsidies when theire is widespread hunger and malnutrition?

However, Chavez did not fundamentally changes any of the state or social structure in Venezuela. All his good deeds are mere policies that will be reversed, for the pleasure and profit of the wealthy in Venezuela, and their foreign masters. In the end, his life was written in water.
The people of this country need regime change here, not abroad.
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