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Starfleet Insignia: Request

I am the Fleet XO of Atlantis Fleet, a new Star Trek roleplaying simulation fleet. Anyway, we are looking to find an artist who can create basic art (headers, banners, badges, etc.)

Basically, I am looking for a badge, like this. It is for one of our Fleet's task forces.

However, I would like it to be a inner color to be a deep purple, with the outline remaining black. I would like it to have a metallic luster to it, to give the insignia texture. I would also like a very simple (and small) Raven with its wings spread to overlap slightly with the insignia.

If anybody would be willing to help me out, I would be beyond grateful. I just need one proof of concept to show to the Fleet CO, and then I will be willing to pay you (name your price), to create insignias for the other two task forces.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions, just respond to the thread, and I will reply.
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