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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place - This was a good episode, and Londo was great in it, as always. Londo was harsh with Vir, but I liked how his plan worked out in the end. It was nice to hear that there is a resistance on earth to the president (who is actually more of a dictator at this point), and that not all humans on earth are idiots. Delenn got a bit annoying at the end, when she freaked out when Sheridan said he was thinking like the enemy. Trying to figure out what your enemy is going to do (aka thinking like the enemy) seems like a pretty important thing to do. But, I guess just randomly reacting to the enemy beats trying to figure out what they're doing and stop them before they do it I'm glad Londo saved Vir. I figured that his plan was not what he said it was. It was interesting seeing G'Kar on the narn homeworld, and the ending was weird, but it was an interesting scene. The music made it different, but it was a good scene. I'm glad that Londo didn't actually turn in G'Kar. Not that it would have mattered, since G'Kar obviously isn't going to die anytime soon. The fleet of white stars was cool. Anyway, this was a good episode, with Londo's stuff being especially good, and since it didn't involve any decisions regarding the shadows it wasn't even ruined by the fact that I know what happens to him (although I did know that G'kar and Vir would be fine, but I probably would have guessed that anyway). Also, I'm just stating what I think, when I talk about Londo stuff from now on don't be surprised if there is references to how much or little its involved/ruined by the idiotic spoiler. That said, I'm still not going to talk about the spoiler more than I already have out of context to specific episodes.
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