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Professor Zoom;77799402. wrote:
Card is free to continue to produce his art. He's a writer. He doesn't need anyone to hire him. He can write, anytime, anywhere he wants. Probably most of his money comes from his novels, not the occasional comic he does. So, he's not being stopped from writing. "Oh, but, he's being stopped from making a living." No, he's being stopped from working at DC. He can continue to write and sell his novels.
Reading betwen the lines: "you can write, just don't write where I do not want you to."

Thought and action (employment) control.

I am SURE they think they are trying to make the world a better place. So? What's your point? That you think I'm so closed minded or something?
It is clear that you are, and see any view other than your own as "bigoted" while avoid the reasons why OSC may hold certain beliefs. You cannot see that, so blanket attacks are the easy route.

I don't flee from it. I know I can. I know I have free will to buy another book. Just like I have free will to join a protest. And as far as absolute thought and action control?
Your every reply is an argument in favor of forcing DC to do your bidding--the end result being OSC never working for the company again, based on a view not connected to the publisher at all.

Let's not pretend you are in favor of the fair treatment of OSC that you demand for your position on marriage.

Hey, if you want to come out and say gay men and women shouldn't be allowed to marry, just say it. You don't have to hide it in obfuscation.
I see hyperbole draped in would-be "hot" wording is your little attempt to steer the matter away from your agenda.

Not working, son.

Oh, so you're not going to answer the question about whether or not ack. Nice. Transparent. But... nice tactic.
you are the issue, as you have taken a hostile position, so whether you will ever understand it or not, you have made yourself part of the problem: attempted thought and action control.
" be like God, you have the power to make the world anything you want it to be."
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