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Re: Did You Love Other Vintage Sci-Fi Shows?

The original STAR TREK is still my first, true love. My mom remembers me rushing into the living room as a toddler whenever the first few bars of Courage's theme played. But there are a few other vintage shows that I love from that period, both science fiction and not. Here's a few:

Lost in Space: The first few episodes of the first season and the original pilot showcase such potential that's ultimately wasted as the show degenerated into typical Irwin Allen schluck and the focus was more on the trio of Will, Dr. Smith and the Robot. But those first group of episodes were wonderful stuff.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: The B&W first season also had potential that's washed away as it becomes a sea monster of the week show. The conflict between Admiral Nelson and Captain Crane is wonderful, which is the kind of conflict I wished Picard and Riker had in TNG.

The Adventures of Superman: Like Warped9, Reeves as Clark Kent/Superman and Coates as Lois Lane in the first season is the best. Coates remains my favorite Lois Lane because she's much closer to the 1930s/40s version that's an agressive, capable reporter and not just swooning over Superman. And Superman in this season is closer to the social crusader that Shuster/Sigel imagined him to be. And the first season is more of a noir crime drama than science fiction, which is great!

I Spy: The first half of the first season is great drama and a bit more harder edge on social topics, like drug addiction, than TOS ever was in its more "social commentary" episodes. And Alexandar Scott was a helluv a lot more of a progressive character than Uhura is given credit for being.

Mission: Impossible: The first three seasons are the best. The first season had some great character bits for a show whose characters were mostly cyphers.

Space: 1999: It's hokey. The concept nearly ridiculous. However, it's not so much science fiction as it is Lovecraftian horror in space, especially the first season. In fact, S:1999 shows us a universe that's really out to kill us and has more of a cosmological bent than STAR TREK.

And it goes without saying, love, love The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. In fact, I wished that STAR TREK had more of a bite and consistency that those shows had going for them. I agree with Rod Serling that Trek could sparkle sometimes but be average television at times as well, or as he put it, "inconsistant."

I only liked one episode of TIME TUNNEL, and that's the Peral Harbor episode. Never could get into LAND OF THE GIANTS. Still have to see UFO.
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