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Re: Star Trek: The Visual Dictionary...Finally?

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Think of it, without that series would the Andorians have got any section in a book that is not just geared towards hardcore fans?
Probably. Andorians were quite well featured in lots of ST stuff over the years, including "The Monsters of Star Trek", a 1980s book aimed at kids rather than ST fans, "The Starfleet Medical Reference Manual", which sat in bookshops alongside the bestselling "Starfleet Technical Manual", and GE Fabbri's weekly "ST Fact Files", which were in every UK and Australian newsagent for many years.
Now I can't say for sure what goes on in Australia as I don't live there, but I'm afraid to say that the Fact Files weren't in every UK newsagent, in the town where I grew up, only one out of eight at the time newsagents stocked the magazine and the only reason they had it was because my father put it on subscription for me.

They also didn't really have a high abundance of Andorian features, but that's by the by.

Although it was a very nice body of work, I never actually finished it and a couple of years ago, I took it to a local recycling centre.
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