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Until the early nineteen 70s, alcohol was responsible for all art, it was impossible to separate alcohol from any part of life, (IMPOSSIBLE!) so really alcohol is an unrealistically legal performance increasing drug for art and the only way to judge whether the ultracaustic effects are acceptable is to compare all art before 1972 to all art after 1972.

I thought as much.

The website for the national organization for marriage is displaying their own financials.

They spent a total of 7 million dollars in 2011 on "everything" of which 1.1 million was lobbying for their cause and another 1.1 million was listed as "other" which could be harmless or could mean that they have a wet works black ops team ready to use against anyone one who is too especially gay.

1 million dollars?

That's Doctor Evil shit.

Orson has an archaic value system, and he seems to have attached himself to an organization that has no teeth. The message existing is more important than the message getting anywhere functional where it might actually accomplish anything like ending homosexuality.

With unlimited money (and time) how hard would it be to end homosexuality?

(Moving along.)

How much does it cost to buy a senator?

A million dollars a year could buy three Senators for an hour.

I'm more disturbed that Orson is a Mormon, all religion is equally Batshit, but white Jesus coming back down to earth centuries after the crucifixion to enslave the red Indians, dictating that they must obey the white Indian angels so that America is habitable and ready for when the white men show up?

What's more likely?

Orson writes a Superman story where Kal fire bombs a church with his heat ray vision which foolishly allows Gay marriage, or a story where Clark Kent is asked to join the Mormon tabernacle Choir on Christmas Eve (for a News paper article?) and has a nice night out Carolling? Dude has Superlungs. If he wants to sing like an angel, he'll sing like a fricking angle and it's a crime to deprive the new 52 of his voice... Super-Ventriloquism is (was?) one of his listed super powers. Even if his singing voice is shitty, Clark could just use his Super-Hypnosis to make the audience think that he is amazing to listen to.

There's a 15 percent chance that Clark Kent was raised Catholic (Or about a hundred percent chance that he was raised Catholic if his origin point was still set in 1938.), but as soon as baby Kent had soaked up enough sunlight to kick in his "super intellect" who would he have seen through first as a fraud? Father Christmas or Joseph Smith?

I need a drink.
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