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Re: "HENRi" scifi short film -that was kickstarter funded

I bought this and enjoyed it quite a bit. It's not perfect, but it's real Science Fiction and I hope it's successful enough to encourage more of the same. Independent creators who don't pander to the Hollywood mentality should be encouraged.

The technical aspects of the film were as good as anything you'll find in any studio movie or contemporary TV show. I was disappointed that they went with the tired old grunge look for the spaceship-- I'll never understand the appeal of a future that looks like an old factory basement. But in terms of talent and skill, there is nothing lacking.

The story is touching and brief-- it's the equivalent of a short story in an SF magazine. It is genuine Science Fiction, although there is one scene that grated on me, especially since it could have been so easily fixed.

It was great to see and hear Keir Dullea, although he is actually showing signs of aging-- I thought he'd look the same forever.

I also found it kind of amusing that the "Making Of" documentary is 50% longer than the story itself. But I definitely recommend buying this.
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