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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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In addition to food, if I were in that world, vitamins (pill and liquid) would be a must to keep up overall immune strength, and as support for the eventual lack of fruit and vegetables.
Let's not forget raiding every pharmacy for antibiotics, blood pressure medication and any number of common drugs. I would be stopping at sporting goods stores for weapons, ammo, camping supplies and duffel bags, and load those bags with drugs.
It does bug me that the only time they bothered to swing by a pharmacy for meds is to pick up some abortion pills. Every wound, from Rick getting stabbed by Morgan to Hershel's leg being chopped of with a dirty ax would require antibiotics to prevent infection & sepsis

I just end up having to let that one go, along with what constitutes exposure to the disease. Michonne had an aquarium of zombie heads spill out all over her wounds & open body cavities. If that don't infect you, what does?
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